"In 3 years I double my money!

I came to Grosvenor Park as I needed to know what I could do to increase the funds I had available. With his wealth of knowledge, John instantly gave me a huge amount of confidence. Together we looked at the best possible products for me, which was fantastic because I didn't have any idea what was even on the market. I have invested in two products which sees me double my money in 3 years time. " Read more

Joanna Bremner

East Sussex 


"My future is much more secure now I've invested with GPII.

I’ve invested in the 12 month fixed rate bond that pays 8.25% per annum which is super. With the money I’ve invested, that’s £9000 a year incomeI hope that in 12 months time when my bond matures, John Russell-Murphy will be able to reinvest it for me.

One thing I didn’t want is complications and I have found the whole process really straight forward. John was brilliant, he told me about all the investments available and we decided that the bond was the best option and I’m extremely pleased." Read more

Nigel Barry



"Grosvenor Park Intelligent Investments helped me discover a £78,000 pension fund I had no idea existed.

I've known John Russell-Murphy for some years and was confident that he and the team at Grosvenor Park Intelligent Investments would be more than capable of establishing the current state of my pension funds. From this, they found a pension fund of £78,000 that I had no idea I had. I have invested the money in a bond and property through GPII, which will enable my wife and I to enjoy a long and secure retirement.

I would highly recommend GPII to anyone who is not aware of what is in their pension." Read more

Mike Boyce 

East Sussex

"I have invested in SCS Farmland and to date have received 2 years of payments as expected and on time. I am satisfied with the integrity and customer service that has been displayed." 

Khalid Rafiq



"A first class service and great advice and help from Scott Allen and the team. It was such a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and professional advisors"

Patricia Cruse 

East Sussex

"From the beginning I have been impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and passion of the GPII team as they work hard to deliver not only profitable investments but ones with real environmental and social benefits. I have already received the first installment from my investment and am very pleased with how well it is doing."

Ray Clarke


"Grosvenor Park Intelligent Investments have been great. I receive regular updates on my investment including general information that is of interest to me on the area. All in all, I have received a professional service that I would recommend to anyone looking to make more from their money."

Vanessa O'Reilly


"I have invested in wheat and agricultural land and to date have received 2 years of returns as expected and on time. I am extremely happy with the level of integrity and customer service that has been displayed by GPII."

Stuart Crompton